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Explore the big blue on one breath.

AIDA, PADI & Molchanov Freediving school in Seychelles

Seychelles Freediving on beautiful reef

Why Freedive?

Freediving is not about your physical ability, but about your mental skills and mental training. You need to let go of everything that you know and embrace the sensations. You are in complete control. Listen to what your body is telling you and act with calmness and ease. It's a very liberating experience and one of the best feelings on Earth.

Join us to unlock your potential 

Meditation & freediving
Breath control and freediving
Body wareness for freediving

Mental Strength

Breath Control

Body Awareness

  • Self discipline the ability to control your feelings

  • Techniques to keep your mind focused

  • Exercises to continue to improve on your own time

  • Breathing techniques to improve your lung capacity & daily life

  • Relaxation techniques for your daily life and your diving ability

  • Exercises to continue to improve on after your course

  • Learn to control your body by controlling your breath

  • Better understanding of your bodies signals & needs

  • Learn how our bodies use oxygen and adapt to operate at lower levels


Seychelles Freedivers
Molcanov and AIDA freediving courses
tailor made freediving courses
Freediving for children
freediving family package
Learn how to equalise

Freelancing across the Seychelles Archipelago.

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