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Why Freedive?

Freediving is not about your physical ability, but about your mental skills and mental training. You need to let go of everything that you know and embrace the sensations. You are in complete control. Listen to what your body is telling you and act with calmness and ease. It's a very liberating experience and one of the best feelings on Earth.

Sophie Perolari

Sophie Perolari

Sophie is a young ocean enthusiast, videographer and AIDA Seychelloise freedive instructor. From a very young age she spent most of her time exploring and freediving around the pristine coasts of the Seychelles Islands.

In 2020 she went to Dahab, Egypt where she trained with Dahab Freedivers and obtained her AIDA freediving instructors certificate.

Sophie who is an all-time lover of the sea and environment ventures to share her knowledge and inspire others to fall in love and connect with the underwater world.

Since starting up her company Freediving Seychelles in 2021, she has taught over 100 people how to freedive. 

"Freediving is a way of life. There are so many different reasons why some of us want to explore the big blue. Whether it's because you want to increase fitness, be at one with the ocean, master your body, to manage stress, feel accomplished or blend in with our marine life. Some of us freedive to experience the ultimate feeling of freedom, find peace and tranquility and to observe our coastal ecosystems more closely. Whatever it may be, I promise you, when you get here, you too will want to protect what you love and begin living for our ocean."

"Sophie is simply amazing instructor. She is very attentive and patient. She observes each individual carefully, gives recommendations on improvements in small doses its not overwhelming while constantly complementing on positive to keep motivation. Even in group sessions she will have individual plan for every individual.
She is clearly very passionate about freediving and her positive attitude is contagious!
Keep up fantastic work Sophie and see you soon x"


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Freelancing across the Seychelles Archipelago.

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