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We want you to be able to practice freediving whilst sharing a unique underwater experience with your family. In this family package of up to four persons, you will discover freediving at your own pace as a beginner or advancing your current freediving skills. This package is created in a fun manner for kids from the age of 6 and for adults too. You will all learn the basic theory of Freediving and how to prepare yourself for a breath-hold dive. Your family will be guided during an open ocean session to swim to depth (maximum 10m), focusing on correct 'duckdive', equalisation, relaxation techniques, safety and buddying. This 1 day course is organized in a very tranquil manner, with practical lessons throughout the day. You are offered plenty of guidance, with the focus on a fun experience rather than specific training objectives. For your children, we will instead aim to build water confidence and expand freediving skills and techniques. Our goal is to help children discover their inner dolphin and learn valuable water skills, in a safe and fun way.

This package course consists of:

• One theory session

• One breathing and relaxation session

• One confined water session

• One open water sessions 

What you will learn:

- During the theory session:

• Equipment for freediving

• Breathing for freediving

• Equalisation technique

• Safety for freediving

• Freediving and Scuba Diving

- During the breathing and relaxation session:

• How the breathing can help you to get relax

• Recovery breathing


- During the Confined Water session:

• Static apnea training

• Experiencing some contractions

• Safety and buddy

- During the Open Water session:

• Using equipment

• Duck diving

• Body positioning

• Free Immersion and Constant Weight

• Finning style• Safety and Buddying

• Dives will be at 10m maximum depth (for ages 14+)

Your children will instead focus on:


Pulling the rope, safety rules, duck-dives

relaxation techniques, recovery breathing, buoyancy, partnering, finning along the rope, pressure and equalisation, marine environment for the open water session.

The Prerequisites for this course are:

For adults: Be able to swim atleast 100m non-stop-

Have complete the AIDA medical form

For children: Be able to swim and is comfortable in the water

*This course includes freediving equipment, insurance, digital copy of AIDA 1 manual and certificate.

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