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Dolphin Divers aims to give children the ability to build water confidence and expand freediving skills and techniques. Our goal is to help children discover their inner dolphin and learn valuable water skills, in a safe and fun way.

Teaching children the importance of a healthy ocean for the planet and ourselves, to consume its products in a responsible way and work towards solutions for the actual problems, like plastic pollution and over fishing is the right and sensible thing to educate our children with. Dolphin Divers provides a variety of fun engaging sessions and courses, to ensure that children grow in mind, body and heart!

Bronze Dolphin - 1 day

(Beginner Swimmer)

Objectives: water familiarisation, relaxation, recovery breathing, water safety rules, marine environment, water confidence, mobility, buoyancy, subersion.

Silver Dolphin - 1 day

Competent/intermediate swimmer

Objectives: Water familiarisation, equalisation, recovery  breathing, water pressure, duck-dives, safety rules, marine environment, buoyancy.

Gold Dolphin - 1 day

Competent/intermediate swimmer

Objectives: Pulling the rope, safety rules, duck-dives

relaxation techniques, recovery breathing, buoyancy, partnering, finning along the rope, pressure and equalisation, marine environment.

AIDA JUNIOR - 2 days

Age 14-15

Objectives: pulling the rope and finning, water pressure & equalisa-

tion, buoyancy, water safety, partnering, rescue, marine environment.

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