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No matter what your background in diving is, the AIDA one freediver course will open your mind to a whole new underwater experience. In this course you can discover freediving at your own pace as a beginner or advancing your current freediving skills. You will learn the basic theory of Freediving and how to prepare yourself for a breath-hold dive. Students are guided during an open ocean session to swim to depth (maximum 10m), focusing on correct 'duckdive', equalisation, relaxation techniques, safety and buddying. This 1 day course is organized in a very tranquil manner, with practical lessons throughout the day. You are offered plenty of guidance, with the focus on a fun experience rather than specific training objectives. 

AIDA 1 course consists of:
One theory session
• One breathing and relaxation session
• One confined water session
• One open water sessions

What you will learn:
- During the theory session:
• Equipment for freediving
• Breathing for freediving
• Equalisation technique
• Safety for freediving
• Freediving and Scuba Diving
- During the breathing and relaxation session:
• How the breathing can help you to get relax
• Recovery breathing
- During the Confined Water session:
• Static apnea training
• Experiencing some contractions
• Safety and buddy
- During the Open Water session:
• Using equipment
• Duck diving
• Body positioning
• Free Immersion and Constant Weight
• Finning style
• Safety and Buddying
• Dives will be at 10m maximum depth

Freediving in Seychelles
Freediving with turtles

The Prerequisites for this course are:-

Be 18 years of age or older (17 or 16 years with parent or guardian consent)- Be able to swim atleast 100m non-stop-

Have complete the AIDA medical form

*This course includes freediving equipment, insurance, digital copy of AIDA 1 manual and certificate.

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