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The AIDA 4 course will take your freediving to a total new level of confidence, knowledge and skills. In this course you will learn advanced equalization technique, advanced freediving safety procedures and improve your diving technique and skills. Furthermore you learn the basics of sport nutrition and fitness. As AIDA 4 freediver you can assist in freediver courses with an active AIDA Instructor and gain important experience if you want to continue the AIDA education ladder to Instructor. To successfully complete the AIDA 4 course you will have to comfortably perform a 3:30 minutes static breath-hold, swim 75 m in dynamic and freedive to 32-38 m in open water, besides passing the theory exam and showing proper buddy and rescue skills.

The four day course consists of:

  • 3 theory sessions

  • one lung and full-body stretching session

  • 2 confined water sessions

  • 4 open water sessions.

What you will learn:

  • Theory - Physics (Dalton’s Law, Boyle’s law, Henry’s law, Decompression Sickness,

       Nitrogen Narcosis), Failure depth (what does it mean, how to increase VC and

       decrease RV), Exhale diving (FRC, how and when to use it, dangers of exhale diving)

       Mouth-fill Technique (how and when to use it and benefits), Diet, Rigging Equipment

       Advanced Equipment, Nutrition & Fitness for Freediving.

  • Equalization - Deep Equalization techniques: Frenzel Mouth-fill

  • Safety - Advanced Rescue Techniques

  • Training - Lung Stretching, Body Stretching, Exhale Diving, Coaching Others

  • Pool - Static & Dynamic (With & Without Fins)

  • Open Water - Free Immersion, Constant Weight, Variable Weight


Requirements: 3:30 min Static, 75m Dynamic, 32-38m Constant Weight, Written Exam

Prerequisites for this course are:

- AIDA3 freediver course

- Current First Aid with CPR qualification

- Be 18 years of age or older (16 years with parent or guardian consent)

*This course Includes freediving equipment, insurance, boat fees, pool fees, digital 

   copy of AIDA 4 manual and certificate

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