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Welcome to our AIDA, PADI & Molchanov Freediving School, where we are passionately dedicated to unlocking the boundless potential within each individual through the art of freediving. Our mission is to foster a deep connection between humans and the ocean, inspiring a profound respect for marine life and the environment. We envision a world where freediving becomes more than just a sport, but a transformative experience that empowers individuals to explore their inner depths and rediscover the harmony of nature. At our school, safety and education are paramount, and our experienced instructors provide a nurturing and supportive environment for students to learn and grow. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced diver, our goal is to help you embrace the magic of the underwater realm and awaken a sense of wonder that will stay with you for a lifetime. Join us on this extraordinary journey, as we dive into the depths of self-discovery and celebrate the beauty of the ocean together.



Sophie Perolari

Sophie is a young ocean enthusiast, videographer and freedive instructor. From a very young age she spent most of her time exploring and freediving around the pristine coasts of the Seychelles Islands.

Sophie who is an all-time lover of the sea and environment ventures to share her knowledge and inspire others to fall in love and connect with the underwater world.

Since starting up her company Freediving Seychelles in 2021, she has taught over 250 people how to freedive and has been promoted to AIDA master Instructor, Molchanov Instructor, PADI freediving Instructor, Share Equalisation Instructor and AIDA youth Instructor. 

"Freediving is more than just a sport; it’s a lifestyle. People are drawn to the depths of the ocean for a variety of reasons. Some seek to improve their fitness, connect with the sea, master their bodies, manage stress, achieve a sense of accomplishment, or blend seamlessly with marine life. Others dive to experience unparalleled freedom, find peace and tranquility, or closely observe coastal ecosystems. Regardless of the motivation, one thing is certain: once you begin, you will feel a profound desire to protect and cherish the ocean, making it an integral part of your life"


Freediving Instructor
Stefan Ruiz

Stefan is a passionate AIDA freediving instructor who possesses a profound dedication to fostering aquatic confidence and connection to the water. With a journey spanning back to 2014, Stefan has empowered countless individuals as a swimming instructor, specialising in helping nervous swimmers to overcome their fears of water. Stefan is also a trained cold water therapy practitioner and breath work instructor. He is fascinated by physiology and biomechanics surrounding freediving and swimming. Stefan’s love for freediving, nature, and embracing a wholesome lifestyle permeates every aspect of his work.
Being the founder of Freediving London, a flourishing freediving company nestled in the heart of London, Stefan has sculpted a haven for enthusiasts to explore the depths with skill and assurance. Now, his passion extends to collaborating with Sophie at Freediving Seychelles, where he continues to share his expertise and enthusiasm with a global community of adventurers.

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